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Our slogan:

Cooperation, Knowledge, Excellence

The Arab-African Center for Investment and Development (CAAID):

an international network of opportunities that connects investors and traders and contributes to the development of the African continent, linking economic relations between the business community and establishing a platform business form to strengthen economic cooperation, expand trade exchange and showcase business capabilities and opportunities.


Highlight investment and trade opportunities and knowledge development in the world of economics for investment and the development of intra-community trade

Message :

Cooperation and release of initiative to develop an economic partnership based on the principle of win-win, developing investment capacity, rationally using resources to meet the challenge of economic development and the development of intra-community trade.

Our mission:

To help the individual and the institution to develop their material and moral capacities with experts, researchers and creative ideas

Our services


No project succeeds without a serious and in-depth feasibility study, which is why the center provides specialists and researchers for any project idea that materializes through a complete, serious and in-depth study, advising specialists and researchers to develop the idea and the spirit of innovation.


Training is the backbone of the institution and the development of human resources is the most important pillar to achieve the effectiveness of the institution and the effectiveness of the project lies in the training, restructuring and development of performance through refinement and training of talent.


We invest in many and many areas by offering partnerships and financial resources for projects, as well as solidarity partnerships to build valuable projects.


The participation of the institution increases its competitiveness, enhances its production capacities, makes it more efficient, and further develops its capacities in all economic events, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.



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May 04 and 05, 2024

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CAAID organises

« Africa Forum of Investment and Commerce AFIC10» Under the theme "Your road to the African Market"

Several economic debates in different fields of activities will gather government-decision makers, experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors and head of organizations & centers from different nationalities.More than 800 economic players from different nationalities and 39 countries will attend this Event.

A Conference, an Exposition, Workshops et Bilateral meetings will take place on may 04 th et 05 th 2024 at Sheraton Hotel, Algiers

Please book before April 30 th 2024



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